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Adult Career Pathways (ACP) Referral

NOVA’s Adult Career Pathways (ACP) provides adult students with a structured support system specifically designed to assist with navigating the unique challenges that adults face while attending college. Participants receive ongoing support and guidance through each step of the college experience. The key to ACP’s success is its student-centered model, which builds an ongoing relationship between students and their advisors, faculty members and peers.

The ACP program is designed to serve adult students with demonstrated barriers to college access and success including veterans, single parents, lower-wage workers, work-eligible immigrants and unemployed and underemployed individuals. The program is free to participating students.

ACP creates a pathway for adult students to earn a certificate, degree or other credential that may help them secure a better job with a path toward advancement and greater economic security.

ACP career counselors help participants: What is unique about this program?
  • Assess their skills and experience;
  • Identify career goals and pathways to achieve them;
  • Develop an individual plan of education, training or other programs;
  • Learn about programs and opportunities available through NOVA;
  • Navigate forms and procedures necessary to attend NOVA and apply for financial assistance and associated services.
  • Personalized assistance from NOVA’s ACP advisor to help students achieve their career goals.
  • Participants can access their counselor via phone, email and in-person at community locations, or on NOVA campuses.
  • Connection to community partners to assist with transfer to university, internship or job search.
  • Participation in workshops and social events.

Please complete the following sections and send this referral form to NOVA.

Date of Referral: 4/25/2015 3:50:31 PM Referred by:  
Name of Individual Referrred:   Agency:  
Phone:   Phone:  

Note: Only those who meet the program requirements listed above are eligible to enroll in the Adult Career Pathways program. Referrals will be contacted and invited to an information session to learn more about the program, and sign-up.

Referred Individual Meets the Following Requirements (check all that apply):

  English skills at the level to participate in regular NOVA courses and programs.
  Looking for a job, job advancement or additional training.
  Eligible for employment in the U.S. and can show documentation of (check one)  
Additional Information:
  Currently employed.
  Never worked in the U.S.
  Interested in occupational field(s).
Please enter the code you see below: