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Course Content Summaries - R

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.

Radiation Oncology

Course Prefix Course Name
ROC 131 Clinical Clerkship I
ROC 132 Clinical Clerkship II
ROC 231 Clinical Clerkship III
ROC 232 Clinical Clerkship IV


Course Prefix Course Name
RAD 110 Imaging Equipment and Protection
RAD 111 Radiologic Science I
RAD 112 Radiologic Science II
RAD 115 Principles of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
RAD 121 Radiographic Procedures I
RAD 122 Chest and Abdominal Imaging
RAD 123 Upper/Lower Extremity Imaging
RAD 124 Vertebral Column Imaging
RAD 125 Patient Care Procedures
RAD 131 Elementary Clinical Procedures I
RAD 135 Elementary Clinical Procedures II
RAD 136 Clinical Procedures in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
RAD 141 Principles of Radiographic Quality I
RAD 142 Principles of Radiographic Quality II
RAD 205 Radiation Protection and Radiobiology
RAD 215 Correlated Radiographic Theory (sheet not available)
RAD 221 Radiographic Procedures II
RAD 231 Advanced Clinical Procedures I
RAD 232 Advanced Clinical Procedures II
RAD 233 Anatomy and Positioning of the Breast
RAD 234 Breast Imaging/Instrumentation
RAD 235 Quality Assurance in Mammography
RAD 236 Case Studies in Breast Diagnostic Imaging
RAD 237 Clinical Internship in Breast Imaging
RAD 238 Mammography Registry Review
RAD 240 Radiography Pathology
RAD 246 Special Procedures
RAD 247 Cross-sectional Anatomy
RAD 255 Radiographic Equipment

Real Estate

Course Prefix Course Name
REA 100 Principles of Real Estate
REA 215 Real Estate Brokerage
REA 216 Real Estate Appraisal
REA 217 Real Estate Finance
REA 218 Appraising the Single Family Residence
REA 220 Income Property Valuation
REA 225 Real Property Management
REA 236 State-Certified Residential Appraiser
REA 238 Professional Appraisal Standards
REA 245 Real Estate Law

Recreation and Parks

Course Prefix Course Name
RPK 100 Introduction to Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies
RPK 120 Outdoor Recreation
RPK 121 Fundamentals of Camp Management
RPK 125 Resource Interpretation and Education
RPK 130 Caving
RPK 131 Kayaking
RPK 135 Program Planning
RPK 140 Land Use Ethics
RPK 141 Leadership and Supervision
RPK 146 Recreation Facilities Management and Design
RPK 150 Mountain Biking
RPK 151 Orienteering
RPK 152 Sports First Aid and Safety
RPK 160 Wilderness First Aid
RPK 170 Recreational Backpacking
RPK 171 Canoeing
RPK 175 Rock Climbing
RPK 180 Youth Sports Administration
RPK 185 Recreational Camping
RPK 201 Recreation and Parks Management
RPK 202 Leisure Studies Practicum
RPK 206 Adventure Ropes Courses
RPK 210 Principles and Psychology of Coaching
RPK 220 Ecotourism and Sustainable Practices
RPK 230 Wilderness Medicine
RPK 255 Leisure Services for Persons with Disabilities
RPK 265 Risk Management


Course Prefix Course Name
REL 100 Introduction to the Study of Religion
REL 200 Survey of the Old Testament
REL 215 New Testament and Early Christianity
REL 216 Life and Teachings of Jesus
REL 217 Life and Letters of Paul
REL 225 Selected Topics in Biblical Studies
REL 231 Religions of the World I
REL 232 Religions of the World II
REL 233 Introduction to Islam
REL 235 Major Religious Thinkers
REL 240 Religions in America
REL 246 Christianity
REL 255 Selected Problems and Issues in Religion

Respiratory Therapy

Course Prefix Course Name
RTH 102 Integrated Sciences for Respiratory Care II
RTH 111 Anatomy and Physiology of the Cardiopulmonary System
RTH 120 Fundamental Theory for Respiratory Care
RTH 121 Cardiopulmonary Science I
RTH 131 Respiratory Care Theory and Procedures I
RTH 135 Diagnostic and Therapeutic Procedures I
RTH 145 Pharmacology for Respiratory Care I
RTH 151 Fundamental Clinical Procedures I
RTH 215 Pulmonary Rehabilitation
RTH 222 Cardiopulmonary Science II
RTH 223 Cardiopulmonary Science III
RTH 225 Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Procedures
RTH 226 Theory of Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care
RTH 227 Integrated Respiratory Therapy Skills II
RTH 236 Critical Care Monitoring
RTH 245 Pharmacology for Respiratory Care II


Course Prefix Course Name
RUS 101 Beginning Russian I
RUS 102 Beginning Russian II
RUS 201 Intermediate Russian I
RUS 202 Intermediate Russian II

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