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Course Content Summaries - M

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.


Course Prefix Course Name
MKT 200 Consumers, Marketing, and Society
MKT 201 Introduction to Marketing
MKT 215 Sales and Marketing Management
MKT 216 Retail Organization and Management
MKT 221 Public Relations
MKT 227 Merchandise Buying and Control
MKT 228 Promotion
MKT 275 International Marketing
MKT 282 Principles of eCommerce
MKT 283 Ethical, Legal, and Privacy Issues in eCommerce
MKT 284 Social Media Marketing

Math Essentials

Course Prefix Course Name
MTE 1 Operations with Positive Fractions
MTE 2 Operations with Positive Decimals and Percents
MTE 3 Algebra Basics
MTE 4 First Degree Equations and Inequalities in One Variable
MTE 5 Linear Equations, Inequalities and Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables
MTE 6 Exponents, Factoring and Polynomial Equations
MTE 7 Rational Expressions and Equations
MTE 8 Rational Exponents and Radicals
MTE 9 Functions, Quadratic Equations and Parabolas


A placement test is required for the MTT courses and for MTH 103, 115, 126, 150, 151, 152, 157, 163, 166, 173, 181, 213, 241, and 271.
Course Prefix Course Name
MTH 1 Developmental Mathematics (will not be offered after Fall 2011)
MTH 2 Arithmetic (no longer offered)
MTH 3 Algebra I (no longer offered)
MTH 4 Algebra II (no longer offered)
MTH 6 Developmental Geometry (no longer offered)
MTH 7 Developmental Trigonometry (no longer offered)
MTH 60 Introduction to College Algebra (no longer offered)
MTH 103-104 Applied Technical Mathematics I-II
MTH 115 Technical Mathematics I
MTH 116 Technical Mathematics II
MTH 126 Mathematics for Allied Health
MTH 150 Topics in Geometry
MTH 151 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts I
MTH 152 Mathematics for the Liberal Arts II
MTH 157 Elementary Statistics
MTH 163 Precalculus I
MTH 164 Precalculus II
MTH 166 Precalculus with Trigonometry 
MTH 173 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
MTH 174 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II
MTH 178 Topics in Analytic Geometry
MTH 181 Finite Mathematics I
MTH 182 Finite Mathematics II
MTH 200 Abstract Algebra
MTH 213 Advanced Engineering Technical Mathematics I
MTH 241 Statistics I
MTH 242 Statistics II
MTH 243 Probability and Statistics I
MTH 244 Probability and Statistics II
MTH 250 College Geometry
MTH 271 Applied Calculus I
MTH 272 Applied Calculus II
MTH 277 Vector Calculus
MTH 285 Linear Algebra
MTH 286 Discrete Mathematics
MTH 291 Differential Equations
MTH 292 Topics in Differential Equations

Developmental Mathematics Technology-Based

Course Prefix Course Name
MTT 1 Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) I
MTT 2 Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) II
MTT 3 Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) III
MTT 4 Developmental Mathematics (Technology-Based) IV

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Course Prefix Course Name
MEC 112 Processes of Industry
MEC 118 Automated Manufacturing Technology
MEC 161 Basic Fluid Mechanics - Hydraulics/Pneumatics
MEC 210 Machine Design
MEC 255 Thermodynamics
MEC 265 Fluid Mechanics
MEC 295 Topics in Thermodynamics

Media Technology

Course Prefix Course Name

Medical Laboratory

Course Prefix Course Name
MDL 100 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology
MDL 101 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Techniques
MDL 105 Phlebotomy
MDL 106 Clinical Phlebotomy
MDL 120 Principles of Hematology
MDL 127 Hematology
MDL 196 On-Site Training
MDL 215 Immunology
MDL 216 Blood Banking
MDL 243 Introduction to Clinical Molecular Diagnostics
MDL 251-252 Clinical Microbiology I-II
MDL 261 Clinical Chemistry and Instrumentation I
MDL 265 Advanced Clinical Chemistry
MDL 266 Clinical Chemistry Techniques
MDL 276 Clinical Hematology Techniques
MDL 277 Clinical Immunohematology and Immunology Techniques
MDL 278 Clinical Microbiology Techniques II
MDL 281 Clinical Correlations

Military Science

Course Prefix Course Name
MSC 111 Military Science I
MSC 112 Military Science II
MSC 211 Military Science III
MSC 212 Military Science IV


Course Prefix Course Name
MUS 08 Fundamentals of Music
MUS 101-102 Basic Musicianship I-II
MUS 111-112 Music Theory I-II
MUS 121-122 Music Appreciation I-II
MUS 130 Overview of the Recording Industry
MUS 131-132 Class Voice I-II
MUS 133-134 Recording Systems Services I-II
MUS 135 Jazz Ensemble
MUS 136 Applied Music - Voice*
MUS 137 Chorus**
MUS 138 Small Vocal Ensemble**
MUS 140 Introduction to Recording Techniques
MUS 141-142 Class Piano I-II
MUS 143 Chamber Ensemble
MUS 144 Jazz Chamber Ensemble
MUS 145 Applied Music - Keyboard*
MUS 146 Percussion Ensemble
MUS 147 Applied Music Composition
MUS 148 Orchestra**
MUS 149 Band**
MUS 155 Applied Music - Woodwinds*
MUS 157 Sound Studio Design
MUS 158 Recording Studio Electronics:  Theory and Maintenance
MUS 159 Improvisational Techniques
MUS 163-164 Guitar Theory and Practice I-II
MUS 165 Applied Music - Strings*
MUS 166 String Ensemble
MUS 175 Applied Music - Brass*
MUS 179 Music Copyright Law
MUS 185 Applied Music - Percussion*
MUS 211-212 Advanced Music Theory I-II
MUS 213-214 Composition I-II
MUS 221-222 History of Music I-II
MUS 225 The History of Jazz
MUS 227 Editing and Mixdown Techniques
MUS 231-232 Advanced Class Voice I-II
MUS 235 Advanced Recording Techniques
MUS 236 Advanced Applied Music - Voice*
MUS 237 Chorus**
MUS 238 Small Vocal Ensemble**
MUS 239 Advanced Jazz Ensemble
MUS 240 Advanced Jazz Chamber Ensemble
MUS 241-242 Advanced Class Piano I-II
MUS 243 Advanced Applied Music Composition
MUS 245 Advanced Applied Music - Keyboard*
MUS 248 Orchestra**
MUS 249 Band**
MUS 255 Advanced Applied Music - Woodwinds*
MUS 259 Advanced Improvisational Techniques
MUS 265 Advanced Applied Music - Strings*
MUS 266 Advanced String Ensemble
MUS 275 Advanced Applied Music - Brass*
MUS 278 Multichannel Recording Workshop
MUS 285 Advanced Applied Music - Percussion*
MUS 288 Recording Problems Seminar
* APPLIED MUSIC: Private lessions are available for either 1 or 2 hours of credit per semester.  The length of the lessions will be one- half-hour lesson for 1 credit and  one-hour lesson for 2 credits.
** ENSEMBLE: Courses in ensemble consist of performance from the standard repertoires, including study of ensemble techniques and interpretation.  Laboratory/rehearsal 3-6 hours per week.

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