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Course Content Summaries - H

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.


Course Prefix Course Name
HLT 105 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HLT 106 First Aid and Safety
HLT 110 Concepts of Personal and Community Health
HLT 138 Principles of Nutrition
HLT 141 Introduction to Medical Terminology
HLT 145 Ethics for Healthcare Personnel
HLT 170 Introduction to Massage
HLT 180 Therapeutic Massage I
HLT 200 Human Sexuality
HLT 215 Personal Stress and Stress Management
HLT 220 Concepts of Disease
HLT 250 General Pharmacology (2 CR.)
HLT 250 General Pharmacology (3 CR.)
HLTH 271 Physical Care Management of the Older Adult
HLTH 272 Medical Management of the Older Adult
HLT 280 Therapeutic Massage II
HLT 281 Therapeutic Massage III

Health Information Management

Course Prefix Course Name
HIM 100 Introduction to the Health Care Delivery System
HIM 110 Introduction to Human Pathology
HIM 111 Medical Terminology I
HIM 121 Medical Transcription I
HIM 122 Medical Transcription II
HIM 130 Healthcare Information Systems
HIM 141 Fundamentals of Health Information Systems I
HIM 142 Fundamentals of Health Information Systems II
HIM 151 Reimbursement Issues in Medical Practice Management
HIM 200 Survey of Healthcare Administration
HIM 215 Health Data Classification Systems
HIM 220 Health Statistics
HIM 225 Quality Assurance in Health Care
HIM 226 Legal Aspects of Health Record Documentation
HIM 229 Performance Improvement in Health Care Settings
HIM 230 Information Systems and Technology in Health Care
HIM 233 Electronic Health Records Management
HIM 249 Supervision and Management Practices for HIM
HIM 250 Health Data Classification Systems I:  ICD-9-CM
HIM 251 Clinical Practice I
HIM 252 Clinical Practice II
HIM 254 Advanced Coding and Reimbursement
HIM 255 Health Data Classification Systems II:  CPT
HIM 260 Pharmacology for Health Information Management
HIM 280 HIM Capstone
Course Prefix Course Name
HIN 101 Beginning Hindi I
HIN 102 Beginning Hindi II
HIN 201-202 Intermediate Hindi I-II


Course Prefix Course Name
HIS 101 History of Western Civilization I
HIS 102 History of Western Civilization II
HIS 111 History of World Civilization I
HIS 112 History of World Civilization II
HIS 121 United States History I
HIS 122 United States History II
HIS 125 History of the American Indian
HIS 126 Women in World History
HIS 127 Women in American History
HIS 135 History of the Contemporary World
HIS 141 African-American History I
HIS 142 African-American History II
HIS 180 Historical Archaeology
HIS 181 History and Theory of Historic Preservation
HIS 183 Survey of Museum Practice
HIS 186 Collections Management
HIS 187 Interpreting Material Culture
HIS 188 Field Survey Techniques for Archaeology
HIS 203-204 History of African Civilization I-II
HIS 205 Local History
HIS 211 History of England I
HIS 212 History of England II
HIS 214 History of Scotland
HIS 218 Introduction to Digital History
HIS 225-226 Topics in European History I-II
HIS 231-232 History of Latin American Civilizations I-II
HIS 241 History of Russia I
HIS 242 History of Russia II
HIS 243 History of the Ancient World I
HIS 251-252 History of the Middle Eastern Civilization I-II
HIS 253-254 History of Asian Civilizations I-II
HIS 255 History of Chinese Culture and Institutions
HIS 261 Topics in Cultural Ethnicity
HIS 262 United States History in Film
HIS 266 Military History of the Civil War
HIS 267 The Second World War
HIS 268 The American Constitution
HIS 269 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIS 271 The American Frontier 1607 - 1890
HIS 276 United States History Since World War II
HIS 277 The American Experience in Vietnam
HIS 279 Age of the American Revolution
HIS 280 American Foreign Policy Since 1890
HIS 281-282 History of Virginia I-II


Course Prefix Course Name
HRT 100 Introduction to Horticulture
HRT 115 Plant Propagation
HRT 117 Tools and Equipment
HRT 118 Turf Pests
HRT 119 Irrigation Systems for Turf and Ornamentals
HRT 120 History of Garden Design
HRT 121 Greenhouse Crop Production I
HRT 125 Chemicals in Horticulture
HRT 127 Horticultural Botany
HRT 160 Applied Mathematics for the Green Industry
HRT 205 Soils
HRT 206 Pesticides in Horticulture
HRT 207 Plant Pest Management
HRT 230 Site Analysis
HRT 231 Planting Design I
HRT 232 Planting Design II
HRT 244 Computer Aided Drafting and Design for Landscape Designers
HRT 245 Woody Plants
HRT 246 Herbaceous Plants
HRT 247 Indoor Plants
HRT 250 Plant Composition
HRT 251 Site Engineering for Landscape Design
HRT 252 Landscape Construction Drawings
HRT 259 Arboriculture
HRT 260 Introduction to Floral Design
HRT 266 Advanced Floral Design
HRT 267 Silk and Dried Flower Arranging
HRT 268 Advanced Floral Design Applications
HRT 269 Professional Turf Care
HRT 275 Landscape Construction and Maintenance
HRT 285 Management of a Horticultural Business
VEN 100 Introduction to Viticulture
VEN 110 Vineyard Establishment
VEN 140 Viticulture Pest and Disease Management

Hospitality Management

Course Prefix Course Name
HRI 101 Hotel-Restaurant Organization and Management I
HRI 102 Hotel-Restaurant Organization and Managemen II
HRI 103 Introduction to Meeting Planning
HRI 104 Introduction to Association Management
HRI 106-107 Culinary Arts I-II
HRI 120 Principles of Food Preparation
HRI 126 The Art of Garnishing
HRI 128 Principles of Baking
HRI 138 Commercial Food Production Management
HRI 145 Principles of Garde-Manger
HRI 150 Introduction to Hospitality Ownership
HRI 158 Sanitation and Safety
HRI 160 Executive Housekeeping
HRI 165 Hotel Housekeeping and Engineering Management
HRI 215 Food Purchasing
HRI 225 Menu Planning and Dining Room Service
HRI 229 Principles of Meeting Planning
HRI 230 Exhibition Management
HRI 231 Principles of Event Planning & Management
HRI 232 Meeting and Exhibition Law and Ethics
HRI 233 Meeting and Exhibition Marketing
HRI 235 Marketing of Hospitality Services
HRI 240 Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry
HRI 245 Labor Cost Control
HRI 251 Food and Beverage Cost Control I
HRI 255 Human Resources Management and Training for Hospitality and Tourism
HRI 256 Principles and Applications of Catering
HRI 265 Hotel Front Office Operations
HRI 270 Strategic Lodging Management
HRI 275 Hospitality Law

Human Services

Course Prefix Course Name
HMS 109 Structured Career Planning in Human Services
HMS 121 Basic Counseling Skills I
HMS 122 Basic Counseling Skills II
HMS 141-2 Group Dynamics I-II
HMS 145 Effects of Psychoactive Drugs
HMS 225 Functional Family Intervention
HMS 228 Productive Problem Solving
HMS 251 Substance Abuse I
HMS 252 Substance Abuse II
HMS 255 Adolescent Alcohol Use and Abuse
HMS 258 Case Management and Substance Abuse


Course Prefix Course Name
HUM 111-112 Great Books I-II
HUM 165 Controversial Issues in Contemporary American Culture
HUM 201 Survey of Western Culture I
HUM 202 Survey of Western Culture II
HUM 218 Survey of Horror
HUM 220 Introduction to African American Studies
HUM 235 Filipino American Culture
HUM 241-242 Interdisciplinary Principles of the Humanities I-II

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