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Course Content Summaries - F

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.

Financial Services

Course Prefix Course Name
FIN 107 Personal Finance
FIN 108 Principles of Securities Investment
FIN 141 Principles of Credit Union Operations I
FIN 142 Principles of Credit Union Operations II
FIN 215 Financial Management
FIN 248 International Finance
FIN 260 Financial Management for Small Business

Fire Science Technology

Course Prefix Course Name
FST 100 Principles of Emergency Service
FST 110 Fire Behavior and Combustion
FST 111 Hazardous Materials Response
FST 112 Hazardous Materials Chemistry
FST 115 Fire Prevention
FST 120 Occupational Safety and Health for the Fire Service
FST 121 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival
FST 135 Fire Instructor I
FST 205 Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply
FST 210 Legal Aspects of Fire Service
FST 215 Fire Protection Systems
FST 220 Building Construction for Fire Protection
FST 235 Strategy and Tactics
FST 237 Emergency Service Supervision
FST 240 Fire Administration
FST 245 Fire and Risk Analysis
FST 255 Fire Officer III


Course Prefix Course Name
FRE 101 Beginning French I
FRE 102 Beginning French II
FRE 103 Basic Spoken French I
FRE 111 Conversation in French I
FRE 112 Conversation in French II
FRE 201 Intermediate French I
FRE 202 Intermediate French II
FRE 211 Intermediate French Conversation I
FRE 212 Intermedia French Conversation II
FRE 233-234 Introduction to the Culture and Literature of France I-II

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