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Course Content Summaries - C

The following course prefixes and titles are currently offered at NOVA. Select any title to obtain a detailed course content summary.

Computer Aided Drafting

Course Prefix Course Name



Course Prefix Course Name
CHM 101 General Chemistry I
CHM 102 General Chemistry II
CHM 111 College Chemistry I
CHM 112 College Chemistry II
CHM 121-122 Health Science Chemistry I-II
CHM 241 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 242 Organic Chemistry II
CHM 245-246 Special Organic Chemistry Laboratory I-II
CHM 255 Instrumental Analysis
CHM 260 Introductory Biochemistry

Childhood Development

Course Prefix Course Name
CHD 118 Language Arts for Young Children
CHD 119 Introduction to Reading Methods
CHD 120 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
CHD 145 Teaching Art, Music, and Movement to Children
CHD 146 Math, Science, and Social Studies for Children
CHD 164 Working with Infants and Toddlers in Inclusive Settings
CHD 165 Observation/Participation in Early Childhood/Primary Settings
CHD 166 Infant and Toddler Programs
CHD 167 CDA Theories and Applications: Resource File
CHD 205 Guiding the Behavior of Children
CHD 210 Introduction to Exceptional Children
CHD 215 Models of Early Childhood Programs
CHD 216 Early Childhood Programs, Schools and Social Change
CHD 225 Curriculum Planning for School-Age Child Care
CHD 230 Behavior Management for School-Age Child Care
CHD 235 Health and Recreation for School-Age Child Care
CHD 265 Advanced Observation and Participation in Early Childhood and Primary Settings
CHD 270 Administration of Childcare Programs


Course Prefix Course Name
CHI 101-102 Beginning Chinese I-II
CHI 103-104 Beginning Spoken Chinese I-II
CHI 121-122 Beginning Chinese Reading and Writing I-II
CHI 201 Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing I
CHI 202 Intermediate Chinese Reading and Writing II

Civil Engineering Technology

Course Prefix Course Name
CIV 171 Surveying I
CIV 172 Surveying II
CIV 210 Structural Systems
CIV 225 Soil Mechanics
CIV 226 Soil Mechanics Laboratory
CIV 228 Concrete Technology
CIV 229 Concrete Laboratory
CIV240 Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
CIV256 Global Positioning Systems for Land Surveying
CIV280 Introduction to Environmental Enginnering

Communication Studies and Theatre

Course Prefix Course Name
CST 100 Principles of Public Speaking
CST 110 Introduction to Communication
CST 111 Voice and Diction I
CST 114 Introduction to Mass Media
CST 115 Small Group Communication
CST 116 Speech Workshop
CST 120 Screenwriting
CST 125 Interviewing
CST 126 Interpersonal Communication
CST 130 Introduction to the Theatre
CST 131-132 Acting I-II
CST 136 Theatre Workshop
CST 137 Oral Interpretation
CST 140 Acting for the Camera
CST 141 Theatre Appreciation I
CST 151 Film Appreciation I
CST 152 Film Appreciation II
CST 160 Improvisation I
CST 161 Improvisation II
CST 200 Advanced Public Speaking
CST 201 Introduction to Communication Theory and Research
CST 227 Business and Professional Communication
CST 229 Intercultural Communication
CST 231-232 History of the Theatre I-II
CST 233-234 Rehearsal and Performance I-II
CST 240 Basic Set Design
CST 241 Introduction to Directing I
CST 250 The Art of the Film
CST 251 Stage Lighting and Sound
CST 267 Creative Drama

Contract Management

Course Prefix Course Name
CON 100 Shaping Sharp Business Arrangements
CON 110 Contract Support Planning
CON 111 Contract Strategy Execution
CON 112 Contract Performance Assessment
CON 120 Strategic Focused Contracting, Part I
CON 121 Strategic Focused Contracting, Part II
CON 214 Business Decisions for Contracting
CON 215 Intermediate Contracting Support
CON 216 Legal Considerations in Contracting
CON 217 Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques
CON 218 Advanced Contracting Support
CON 237 Simplified Acquisition Procedures

Computer Science

Course Prefix Course Name
CSC 100 Introduction to Computer Usage
CSC 110 Introduction to Computing
CSC 130 Scientific Programming
CSC 185 Programming Tools
CSC 200 Introduction to Computer Science
CSC 201 Computer Science I
CSC 202 Computer Science II
CSC 205 Computer Organization
CSC 206 Assembly Language

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