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Advisory Committee for College Safety and Security

The Advisory Committee for College Safety and Security will provide the College administration with an ongoing advisory perspective from various constituent groups about the status of issues related to safety and security. Although this committee is not responsible for operations, it may consult directly with and receive reports from those offices specifically charged with responsibility for emergency planning and management and other matters related to safety and security. The Advisory Committee will make its observations and recommendations to the president. Membership is appointed by the president and will include representation from all campuses.


Current Members:

  • Heidi Adamson/AF/ MA
  • Ron Buchanan, AL, Chair
  • Dan Dusseau/CS
  • Woodnard Givens/TF/ LO
  • Shelli Jarvis/CS
  • Blake Johnson/CL/AL
  • Burton Peretti/AF/AN
  • Alex Seminario/TF/AN
  • Ruth Stanton/AF/MEC
  • Matt Todd/AF/AL
  • Michael Turner/AF/WO
  • Frances Villagran-Glove/AF/AL
  • 3 Students:  to be determined
  • Director of Emergency Management: to be determined


There are no agendas available at this time.