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Hearing Committee Panel

The Hearing Committee Panel implements the provisions of the Faculty Sanctions and Faculty Grievance Procedures. The panel provides prospective committee members for the ad hoc committees provided for in these procedures. The faculty members of the Ad Hoc Appointment Advisory Committee are also selected from this panel. The committee is appointed annually by the president. 


Current Members:

  • Edward Banas TF (WO)
  • Russell Carter TF (MA)
  • David Conroy TF (AN)
  • Nancy Crippen TF (WO)
  • Donald Depuydt TF (LO)
  • Celeste Dubeck-Smith AF (AN)
  • Christal Edwards TF (WO)
  • Roberta Heffernan TF (MEC)
  • Chalet Jean-Baptiste TF (MA)
  • Howard Kelley AF (MEC)
  • Bipin Khana TF (WO)
  • John Kocur TF (AL)
  • Donna Minnich TF (MA)
  • Ahmad Noor TF (AL)
  • Walter O’Brien TF (AN)
  • Bola Oyeleye TF (MEC)
  • Kiet Quach TF (AN)
  • Naveen Sarna TF (AL)
  • Laura Siko AF (LO)
  • Marilyn Sinderbrand TF (MEC)
  • Christine Slevin TF (MEC)
  • Christopher Stallings AF (WO)
  • Lary Stark TF (AL)
  • Fred Terranova TF (LO)
  • Matt Todd AF (AL)
  • Michael Victorine TF (LO)
  • Maryam Zamani TF (LO)

There are no agendas available at this time. 


There are no minutes available at this time.