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Environmental and Sustainability Action Committee

The mission of this committee is to participate in and address environmental and sustainability practices at Northern Virginia Community College.  This includes proactive and reactive actions within the categories of academics, facilities and community outreach.  The committee will endeavor to coordinate as appropriate across the campuses to better prepare students for environmental careers, increase environmentally sustainable practices and awareness at each of our campuses, and encourage interaction with the community to increase awareness of environmental and sustainability concerns and solutions.  The committee will advise the Sustainability Officer on projects and priorities and report to the College Senate and to the President of the college. 


Current Members:

  • Karen Bushaw-Newton/TF/AN
  • Charlotte Calobrisi/AF/AN
  • Ina Dimkova/CS
  • Jeremiah Donovan/TF/ MA
  • Margaret Emblom-Callahan/AF/AL
  • Robert Johnson/CS
  • Melissa Nystrom/TF/WO
  • Kevin O’Hagan/CL/AL
  • Leslie Orzetti-Gelhoffer/TF/AL
  • Steve Patterson/CS
  • Michele Rivera/TF/LO
  • Cheryl Robinette/CL/AN
  • Armen Simonian/TF/AN
  • Chris Soholt/TF/LO
  • Jennifer Taylor/TF/WO
  • Dan Wells/CS
  • Sally Wrenn/CL/LO
  • 1 Student: to be determined