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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee coordinates the selection of College nominees for teaching awards made available by groups outside the College. The committee also administers similar college award programs as assigned by the president of the College or the chair of the College Senate. The committee is appointed annually by the president.


Current Members:

  • Joe Agnich/TF/LO
  • Muhammad Basit/CL/AN
  • Sheri David/TF/MA
  • Lori Engel/CL/WO
  • Monica Feazell/TF/AL
  • Milan Hayward/AF/CS
  • Patti King/CL/MEC
  • Chad Knights/AF/AL
  • Pam Kraemer/TF/MA
  • Kristyn Moskey/TF/LO
  • Diane Mucci/AF/MA
  • Nathan Mueller/PF/MA
  • Bryan Peters/TF/AN
  • Kirstin Riddick/CL/AL
  • Marilyn Sinderbrand/TF/MEC
  • Deanna Toney/CL/LO
  • Eric Wynn/PF/AL

There are no agendas available at this time.