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GPS for Success - New Students, Ages 17-24

Start Strong at NOVA

If you are a first-time-to-college student, ages 17-24 (including high school/homeschool/GED graduates), you need to Start Strong at NOVA.

  1. Take the English and Math placement tests before registering for classes.
  2. Activate your NOVA email account.
  3. Attend a required Student Orientation to meet with a first-year advisor and register for classes.
  4. Enroll in the required one-credit College Success Skills course (SDV 100 or 101) during your first year, preferably during your first semester.
  5. Register for developmental courses during your first semester, if you tested into developmental courses.

How do I prepare for Student Orientation?

  • Check your NOVA email account regularly, especially the night before your scheduled orientation session.
  • Think of questions you want to ask and write them down so you don’t forget.
  • Be open to developing and clarifying your goals.

What can expect from my First-Year Advisor?

Your First-Year Advisor will:

  • Help you identify and refine your academic goal.
  • Help you choose the appropriate program and courses for that program.
  • Help you connect with the appropriate resources.
  • Assign you to a faculty advisor who can best help you prepare for your transition.

What can I expect from my Faculty Advisor when I get one?

Your Faculty Advisor will:

  • Require you to make an appointment.
  • Help you to navigate the academic requirements.
  • Expect you to ask questions.
  • Be available during office hours.
  • Help you prepare for graduation.


For answers to your questions about the Six Policy Changes, check out the FAQ booklet.

On-Time Registration

Register for classes early - once the session begins, registration is closed!

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Six New Policy Changes

There are six policy changes that will take effect for the Fall 2014 semester.

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