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Ronnie Romero

Ronnie Romero

NOVA is my hometown school. I was in the army for about 12 years, so I've been all over the world. I decided to come back here and pursue my education goals. Right now I'm following the basic science degree program and I want to transfer to George Mason and be a part of their Atmospheric Science program. I've wanted to be in the meteorology field since I was a kid.

I work at the Veterans Office helping veterans process the paperwork for their education benefits. We're in the process of starting a student veterans’ organization. The purpose of the organization is for veterans to have a voice in school activities and student government.

NOVA prepares you for the next step of whatever you're going to do. Whether you're getting a certificate for a current job or aspiring toward a degree at a university or college, attending NOVA is the first step you should embrace and experience in order to get to the next level. Cherish the opportunities here, take it seriously and you’ll get a great education.