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Profile picture of Whitney Lam

Student Profile - Whitney Lam

I’m offered a number of opportunities as a NOVA student. I’m affiliated with the Virginia Foster Care System, and I love that the Great Expectations program is geared specifically toward foster youth, such as me. I have a life coach who has been working with me as I continue my transition into college. Through the guidance of my Great Expectations counselor, I’m learning how to meet my academic needs as well as my own personal goals. The program has really given me a sense of independence. 

I’m working toward my associate of science degree and it’s been a great experience because I’m surrounded by hard-working students and passionate professors. I never experienced a traditional school environment until I came to the Alexandria Campus. It was a little overwhelming at first, but as I began to connect with my classmates I started to feel right at home.

I’ve learned to appreciate the fact that my life happens to be a little different from the average person. NOVA has made me appreciate the people who went out of their way to help me succeed. When I complete my degree, I hope to transfer into the College’s nursing program. Being able to obtain the assistance I needed inspired me to want to go out and help others.