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Picture of Tiffanie Henson

Student Profile - Tiffanie Henson

I’m a student at NOVA and I work in the Counseling Center at the Manassas Campus. Working for NOVA while taking classes has been great because the Counseling Center staff are very understanding about my education.  They want me to succeed therefore; they work around my schedule allowing me to balance work and school.

I have a passion for helping people. Working in the Counseling Center is great because I get to assist many of the new incoming freshmen with inquiries about class registration and general questions about NOVA. My job is to guide students in the right direction to find the classes they need to take for their specific degree program.

Students considering NOVA should know that it’s a great place to start. When I left home, I didn’t have my parents there to guide me through the college process.  The faculty and staff were very helpful in getting me on the right track and figuring out what I needed to do to succeed. It’s almost like NOVA has become a part of my family.