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Sherzaman Gulzaman

Sherzaman Gulzaman - Student Profile

I am from Pakistan. My program is unique because in the Community College Initiative Program (CCIP), I need to spend one year at NOVA, and after one year I need to go back and replicate what I learned at NOVA in terms of cultural and educational exchange. In Pakistan I had not even heard about the topic of communication and media. It’s a very great experience for me to be able to learn interpersonal communication, intercultural communication and business and professional communication.

My first school year in the U.S. has been amazing. The students and the teachers are very cooperative. Whenever I had a problem, they always supported me. They have become a source of inspiration. NOVA is known for the highest quality of teachers.

The environment at Annandale Campus is very unique. You will find sports, recreational activities and student affairs activities in addition to getting an education. There are many clubs and interest groups, at the Annandale Campus, but no one related to Pakistan, so I decided I would start one. Now, I am the founder of the NOVA Pakistani American Student Association.

I am from the northern area of Pakistan and in that region the literacy rate is very high, but there is not a single English newspaper. When I return there, one of my objectives is to start my own English newspaper in my region.