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Sehrish Shah

Sehrish Shah

NOVA is a great place to start. It offers a quality education and guaranteed admission into many colleges. I suggest that everyone begin their higher education journey at NOVA.

When I first came to NOVA I was a follower, until I got involved with the Student Ambassador Program at NOVA and acquired valuable leadership skills. My participation in this program has helped me develop my management abilities.

Student ambassadors are trained to provide assistance during peak registration periods, participate in visits to area high schools and college fairs to present the benefits of the community college experience, provide campus tours, assist during special events and college-sponsored activities, participate in focus groups and more. I heard about this program from Tank McCarl, student activities coordinator for Woodbridge Campus. I filled out the application for the program, had an interview, a second interview and then was offered the job. The bonus is that I get paid for the work I do!