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Picture of Sarah Gwarek

Student Profile - Sarah Gwarek

Being married to a man in the military, I knew I would have to move around a lot. I didn’t want to be tied-down to a four year university, which is why I decided on NOVA.

I love NOVA’s flexibility. Knowing my time in this area is limited, I chose a major that will easily transfer. As a Liberal Arts student, I don’t necessarily have to settle on one degree. I’m able to take a variety of classes for my general electives, allowing me the opportunity to explore different subjects and find out what interests me the most.

Students who plan to attend NOVA should also be open to getting involved in campus activities. It’s a great way to meet people. When I first came to NOVA, I had no interest in participating in extra-circular activities. I started out as chair of the election committee and now I’m the Secretary of the SGA for the Alexandria Campus.

NOVA is truly a great college. I’ve made many friends. It’s nice to find a place that I can call home.