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Picture of Rodwell Catoe

Faculty Profile - Dr. Rodwell Catoe

I was working at another community college before I came to NOVA in 1999. When I had the chance to apply for a job at NOVA, I immediately took advantage of the opportunity. It was an interesting change for me in that NOVA was a much larger and more diverse college. I work in the Administration of Justice Department at the Annandale Campus. My favorite aspect of teaching is when I see a student reach an ‘A-ha’ moment when he or she begins to truly understand what they’re learning.

I’m eclectic in my teaching styles. I like to engage students and I expect for students to read and share their findings. I incorporate different forms of technology in my lectures such as DVDs and PowerPoint slides. I try to bring my experiences in the criminal justice field into the classroom. It’s a rewarding feeling when I know students are leaving my classroom with a better understanding of the subject matter.

Students who enter into the ADJ Program should be aware that they will be challenged. I expect an excellent effort from my students, and they should expect nothing less from me and the other faculty here at NOVA.