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Profile picture of Reva Savkar

Faculty Profile - Reva Savkar

Students are our primary focus at NOVA. We work to provide an environment where they are able to explore and discover in order to develop the knowledge they need to succeed. In addition, we provide them with the support they need to survive the demands of being a student in our program.

I began teaching chemistry and computer science courses at the Annandale Campus in 1974. My favorite aspect of teaching is the ability to interact with my students. I love getting them involved and allowing them to see the beauty of chemistry within the universe.

My goal as a professor is to help my students develop a logical and critical way of thinking when it comes to science. The coursework is very challenging, so it’s rewarding when I am finally able see them begin to grasp an understanding of the subject.   

I’m the chair of the Science Seminars Committee. When I took on the responsibility, I saw it as an opportunity for students to be able to hear from professional science practitioners who work within the realm on a day-to-day basis. Learning from people who are actively researching and staying abreast in their field provides students with an opportunity to understand the relevance of science in our everyday lives.