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Picture of Oleksandra Haleblian

Student Profile - Oleksandra Haleblian

Learning foreign languages is something that comes easy to me. I’m fluent in five different languages including Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish and German. Having already received my bachelor’s degree in Translation, I chose to earn an associate at NOVA in order to best utilize my ability to speak different languages. I’m currently a Business Administration major at the Manassas Campus.

Before I came to the College, I had no idea what to expect of American schools. As a student at NOVA, I’ve come to learn that the students are what are most important to the College. Rather than focusing on the image of the school, the main goal of the faculty, staff and other administration is the success of the students.  

Through the sponsorship of Phi Theta Kappa, I have been able to work with the Beacon for Adult Literacy program. As a volunteer, I provide tutoring services to ESOL adults in the Prince William County area. Knowing many languages has been valuable because not only am I working to use my foreign languages experience for my career, I’m also able to give back to my community.