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Nontobeko Masilela

Nontobeko Masilela - Student Profile

NOVA is very international. You are able to build close relationships with people because of the smaller class sizes. You don't out of place because you're not the only one from a different country, and you are able to relate to other people. I love the intimacy of the campuses.

I didn’t know much about two and four year colleges when I started at NOVA because in South Africa we don’t have a distinction between the two. People have this perception that when you go to a community college you didn’t make it to a four year school. NOVA is college. It’s not inferior in any way to another school. When you transfer from NOVA you are able to step in as a junior because you’ve already completed two years of college.

Get involved. There are many clubs at NOVA, and getting involved in a club enhances your college experience. When you participate in a club or activity, you're able to build more relationships with people -- beyond your education. The relationships that I've built with people here are amazing.

My mom used say, “Do not despise small beginnings.” NOVA is like a first stepping stone. Other’s may view it as a small beginning, but don't despise it. Use it to your advantage. I have been able to get my GPA up, get into the Honors Program and take honors classes, which has helped me to appreciate NOVA. I know that when I transfer, I'll be ready.