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Manuel Hernandez

Manuel Hernandez - Student Profile

As a first generation college student I knew that NOVA was going to be the right choice for me because it was affordable and because of the unlimited education opportunities it provides its students.

The environment at NOVA is very friendly. It’s always busy. I see a lot of students working together. The first few days of my first semester, I usually went to class and then went home. Then, I decided to stay on campus the whole day, and that became my routine. I usually come to school around my first class and leave at night, and work on projects and homework with my friends in between classes.

I am involved in the Loudoun Leaders Club, the Pathway Advisory Council and I started an interest group for ultimate Frisbee. The Pathway to the Baccalaureate Program has guided me through my future classes. My Student Development teacher has helped me to make the right choices for my architecture program because it’s not an easy program for transferring. I’m glad I got in to the Pathway Program in high school.

After I graduate from NOVA, I want to transfer to the University of Maryland, College Park and participate in their architecture program. I want to get my license and work for an architecture company for a few years and then hopefully combine my architecture skills with my dad’s landscaping company.