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Picture of Laura Young

Faculty Profile - Laura Young

I have always been a strong advocate for literacy. Reading and writing are two of the most critical skills we should possess. You can’t go anywhere academically without a strong reading and writing background.

As a Developmental English professor at the Loudoun Campus, I am responsible for providing the help my students need to push them to their full potential. NOVA strives very hard to provide students with the best curriculum possible to allow them to get to where they want to go.

I love to see the amount of growth a student is capable of demonstrating. When I can witness students altering their thinking or specifying what they want to do in life, I’m also able to see the amount of focus and confidence they’ve gained. It’s fun to learn about their dreams and to help them move forward in achieving them.

All students should have the opportunity to make their dreams a reality. NOVA is a great educational institution and an excellent place for students to successfully transition. As they grow to be the students that they want to be, their lives are transformed.