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Laura Franklin

Laura Franklin

NOVA is a welcoming and very open learning community. Here you’ll find top-notch faculty who are engaged nationally, regionally and locally. NOVA is a place where people consider the possibilities rather than the barriers and obstacles, which is why I decided to teach here.

We have a wide range of students coming here -- the traditional undergraduate, professionals taking courses for enrichment or professional advancement, and a fair number of senior citizens who come just to keep engaged in the various subject areas. All these students come with various learning styles. It’s a very unique challenge for faculty to meet the needs of everyone in such diverse classes.  

In my area of instruction, world languages, we offer an array of courses depending on student needs. We have traditional Liberal Arts courses that transfer to four-year institutions. We have Heritage Speaker courses for people who already have the experience of a rich cultural language at home and want to enhance their language to be useful at a professional level. We also have language for specific purposes such as Spanish for health professionals or law enforcement. There is really no end to the number of different courses that we can offer.