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Profile picture of Justin Kaylor

Student Profile - Justin Kaylor

NOVA gives me confidence to be a better student. I didn’t do well in high school and I had no ambition to pursue an education after I graduated. I originally applied to schools to get people off my back about going to college. Once I realized the importance of continuing my education, I made the decision to enroll at NOVA.

I’m majoring in Liberal Arts with a specialization in Communications. My experience at the College has provided me with a new outlook on life. I’m a Student Ambassador at the Woodbridge Campus. One of the most common questions I get from new students is, ‘How would you describe the environment here?’ Every time I answer them I talk about the campus’s diversity. NOVA consists of many people from all over the world. There isn’t a lot of diversity where I come from – I was able to learn about different cultures and experience different people.   

I’ve come a long way since high school. I started out with a low grade point average, but through dedication and determination I’ve been able to significantly raise my average. It wasn’t easy at first, but my professors were helpful and worked with me to get me on the right path.

I received a college acceptance letter in the mail. As I read it, I realized that you don’t have to be the brightest student to be able to achieve excellence. As long as you work hard, the achievements will follow.