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Picture of Jimmie McClellan

Faculty Profile - Jimmie McClellan

I decided to work at NOVA because I believe in the mission of the College. I think it’s important that students have an opportunity to reach their full potential as human beings, and they are not able to do that without an education. NOVA provides this opportunity to its students.

I started teaching at the College in 1975. Now, I am the Dean of the Liberal Arts Division at the Alexandria Campus. I find the diverse environment on campus to be stimulating. I like being exposed to new and different ideas offered by faculty and students.

Throughout our lives, we spend time trying to put together the pieces of a puzzle. Our goal is to develop a better vision of the overall picture that is life. As an educator, my job is to provide students with new pieces of knowledge. Whenever I can supply students with a piece of that puzzle and they grasp the concept - that is exciting.

Learning to learn is itself a skill. Like any sport, the more you practice, the better you will be. Think of yourself as a hurdler. Occasionally, you will trip over a hurdle, but it’s up to you to dust yourself off and get back on the track to continue running. Eventually, you will clear all of the hurdles.