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Picture of Ibrahim Saad

Student Profile - Ibrahim Saad

I was homeschooled when I began my associate of applied sciences degree at the Loudoun Campus. I chose NOVA because it provided me with the opportunity to enter into dual enrollment and start my college courses early. The environment is great and the tuition is a lot less expensive than other colleges and universities in the area. 

I started the Debate and Forensic Society on my campus in the spring of 2012. I wanted to create a club that would give me the opportunity to teach, facilitate and practice debate with other students at NOVA and within the community. As the president of the club, I’ve developed the organization’s constitution and bylaws, and I’ve helped coordinate events.

My transition from home school to NOVA has been an amazing experience. I’ve taken on more responsibilities, and it has helped me to gain a new sense of self-confidence as a student.