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Dung Tran

Dung Tran - Student Profile

My first time as a NOVA student was in 2007. I was an international student from Vietnam, and after one semester of ESL classes I chose my major in biotechnology. I took classes for three years, but because of family issues and culture shock, I went back to my country. I returned to the States and started taking classes in my major at NOVA last August.

In 2012, I felt like I could not achieve my goal because I took three years as a gap. I sent a message to the person in charge of international students at Manassas at that time and she told me, “Your records are still in the system. Why you don't come back and finish?” I felt inspired and encouraged, so I thought, I need to come back. I felt like I had another chance at my education.

NOVA has a friendly and multicultural environment. I knew that if I began my education at NOVA I would get used to the culture here day by day. NOVA offers all the basic classes and transfer classes, which is really helpful because they have agreements between the College and other universities.

My goal is to become a forensic scientist so I can help detectives solve criminal situations and so I can help make the community a better and safer place for living. There are a lot of possibilities for you at NOVA -- be prepared to take the possibility when the time is right for you.