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Picture of Charles Moit

Student Profile - Charles Moit

My decision to go to NOVA was the best choice I could make for myself. I grew up a child of the military, so moving around was something that was a normal part of my life. My family eventually settled in Virginia and I picked NOVA because I didn’t want to move far away from them.

I’m a Business Administration major at the Loudoun Campus. My favorite thing about NOVA is that its student oriented -- they sponsor a variety of events for students to participate. NOVA is passionate about their students and it shows.

I also learned about the concept of time management at NOVA. I became skilled at prioritizing my time more efficiently. I have gained a sense of responsibility for not just myself, but also the people around me. NOVA has really helped to give my life meaning. I met friends and by getting involved, I’ve built up my professional experience, which will come in handy after I graduate.