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Profile picture of Camille Santos

Student Profile - Camille Santos

In order for me to develop a clear path toward a solid education, I chose a college that would allow me the freedom to explore different subjects. I wanted to find a college that would give me choices. NOVA provided me with that opportunity.

I am currently enrolled in three degree programs at the Medical Education Campus. I major in General Studies, Business Administration, and Health Information Management. Having so many majors requires me to be in different places at once. However, NOVA gives me the flexibility to attend classes in person and take courses online. The College has six campuses and four centers throughout the Northern Virginia area, so no matter where I am I can always count on being close to a NOVA campus.

Interacting with other students on campus is as important as making good grades, because it helps you to build relationships outside of the classroom. As the president of Health Information Management Leaders of Tomorrow (HIMLOT), I am able to do this. I work with other members of HIMLOT to coordinate events and help inform our campus about Health Information Management.

I am happy I chose NOVA because I have been challenged to become a better student, and the experiences I have had from meeting new people have made the journey more fun.