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Picture of Beverlee Drucker

Faculty Profile - Beverlee Drucker

I was an adjunct professor when I first started working at NOVA. Along the way I discovered how much I love my role as an educator. The academic freedom the College allows has kept me teaching at the Woodbridge Campus for 27 years.

I work in the Mathematics Department as an instructor under the Natural Science and Mathematics division. The interaction I have with my students is what I enjoy the most about teaching. I use a modified lecture approach to teaching. This allows me to direct my tone and conversation, while still making it inviting for my students to interact and contribute their thoughts and questions in relation to the discussion.

The Math Department is very progressive. In an effort to help improve the College’s success rate in math, we are currently working on implementing a modified emporium model. This paradigm takes the entire curriculum of developmental math and divides it into 10 separate units, allowing students to focus on the unit they are struggling with the most. When a student passes each unit with a certain score he/she is able to move on to the next unit. It’s a type of mastery learning that helps to eliminate the need to repeat a course that teaches the same material. The full version of this program will start in the Fall of 2011.

NOVA is a great place to learn. The faculty here are caring and that adheres to the success of our students. Receiving a call from a student years after they’ve taken my class to tell me how I inspired them is the ultimate compliment. It’s great knowing that I helped to make a difference in someone’s life.