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Beth Harrison

Beth Harrison

When I first came to the Alexandria Campus more than 40 years ago, it was housed in a warehouse, literally. Over the years I have seen not only the NOVA campus structures being built, but also the buildup of our programs. 

The curriculum of the college gives our students the skills they need to go on to the next level. We give students possibilities to do what they want to in life. I’m teaching a course right now called “Books That Will Change Your Life”. The students read a book a week and the subject matter is very engaging.

I try to use a lot of different methods of teaching because our students have a variety of strengths. I require field trips in my classes because the area we live in is rich with culture. It’s a way of making class interactive. The students are my favorite aspect of teaching because they are endlessly interesting. I love seeing their horizons expand as they learn … when they see possibilities where they hadn’t seen them before.

I would advise new students who come to the College to throw themselves in to NOVA and all that it has to offer, because it will give them so much back in return.