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Amy Jenkins

Amy Jenkins

I chose NOVA because of its Physical Therapy Assistant Program. Compared to other colleges, NOVA has the best curriculum and their high examination rate is a bonus.

What I like most about my program are the lab practicals. Lab practicals are mini case studies that describe different patient conditions. My job as the PTA is to figure out the best solution to meet the patient’s goals for recovery. My lab practicals allow me to take what I’ve learned in the classroom and apply the knowledge to the case studies. The PTA lab setup has the same feel as a real clinic and the program offers state-of-the-art equipment, which helps to enhance my learning.

The environment at the Medical Education Campus is very family oriented. The teachers and students develop strong relationships, which aids in the learning process. Because of their unique teaching style, I’m able to demonstrate the skills I’ve learned and receive the feedback I need to help me improve and become great at what I do.

Once I leave NOVA, I hope to become a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant and work in Virginia. I want to start an out-patient orthopedic office, eventually working with injured military veterans.