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Alana Thomas

Alana Thomas

Last year I went to an interest meeting for the African-American Student Association and there were only a few people. The advisor said it was a normal turnout for the club. I thought that was sad, so I took the reins, changed the name of the club to the Black Student Alliance, planned lots of fun events and grew the membership. I've been the president of the Black Student Alliance for two years now. Because of the leadership opportunities NOVA has provided me, I've matured and gained many skills that I can continue using in my life. I didn't think that was possible at a community college.
I would have probably been active in clubs at a four-year college, but not at the same level NOVA has provided. Leading a club has given me a sense of ownership over something. Through my involvement with the BSA I learned I love marketing -- coming up with different ways to reach people. After NOVA, l plan on attending VCU and majoring in music business.