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Aaron Rawlings

Aaron Rawlings

I’m in the Business Administration program at NOVA because I enjoy numbers. I’m intrigued by the study of how corporations develop financial analysis and ways people spend and invest their money. Another aspect I like about Business Administration is economics. My teacher describes economics as a science that needs to be noticed. People want to know how the money in the economy is being used – where it’s going.

I originally wanted to go to a four-year college outside of Virginia, but it would have been very costly. Attending NOVA has taught me that community colleges are a smart financial move. You don’t have to stress about expenses. You can take your core credits and transfer them to a four-year institute. There are a lot of notable colleges and universities in Virginia that you can transfer to from NOVA. It’s a win-win situation.

Once I’m done at NOVA I’m going to transfer to George Mason University. My goal is to get my bachelor’s in accounting, and then pursue a MBA. I hope to work for a leading accounting firm one day.