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Faces of NOVA

Aurora Lofton

We were one … we were NOVA.

Ebenezer Sarpong

NOVA should be your first choice.

James Johnson

Take advantage of the opportunities available.

Kristy Delcid

I've been able to come out my shell.

Rachanee Bunthan

You're going to have a bright future.

Ronnie Romero

Cherish the opportunities.

Samantha Didaleusky

You can really excel here.

Nontobeko Masilela

Get involved in campus life.

Taylor Lam

It’s become like a home to me.

Sherzaman Gulzaman

It's beyond my expectations.

Mercer Parker

This was the right decision.

Manuel Hernandez

I feel like I’m at a four year college.

Dung Tran

I felt like I had another chance.

Shahrose Khan

NOVA is filled with many opportunities for students who seek them.

Whitney Lam

I appreciate the people who have helped me to succeed.

Reva Savkar

Students are our primary focus at NOVA.

Camille Santos

I wanted to find a college that would give me choices.

Justin Kaylor

NOVA gives me the confidence I need to be a better student.

Tanya Donangmaye

The Pathways program continues to guide me.

Frankie Harris-Lyne

I’m a product of the College.

Vina Ho

NOVA has been great with helping me prepare for my goals.

Ibrahim Saad

NOVA allowed me to take on dual enrollment.

Erica Burrell

It’s about what you get out of the experience.

Gabriela Cueva

The level of diversity at NOVA is wonderful.

John Rourke

NOVA was ranked amongst the highest for training nurses.

Fatma Rekik

One of the best characteristics of NOVA is its diversity.

Oleksandra Haleblian

Students are the focus at NOVA.

Charles Moit

Staying close to home was important.

Anita Rios

Being part of a team has been rewarding.

Laura Young

I love to see the amount of growth a student is capable of demonstrating.

Nannette Tucker

Age should not get in your way of an education.

Sarah Gwarek

NOVA’s flexibility allows me to explore subjects.

Jimmie McClellan

Learning to learn is itself a skill.

Ali Gee

I like the camaraderie of the students.

Molly Lynch

I really enjoy the smaller environment.

Brian Henley

There are many resources available.

David Liendo

NOVA is affordable.

Sheila Sealey

My worries about returning to school are gone.

Karen Kimberlin

There is something for everyone.

John Ehle

NOVA provides opportunities for everyone to achieve their potential.

Charmaine Corpuz

I’ve been given a lot of great opportunities as a nursing student.

Oscar Blanco

I came to NOVA as an international student.

Beverlee Drucker

NOVA provides opportunities for everyone to achieve their potential.

Khalida Rafigi

NOVA is a foundation for guaranteed success.

Brittany Shearer

The smaller college environment really helped me.

Logan Martinez

There are a variety of ways to get involved socially.

Jacqueline Gibbons

My favorite aspect of teaching is when a student grasps a concept.

Emmanuel Bagumira

NOVA was my first step towards a better life.

Heather Kirkpatrick

SOAR and NSO are worth attending to learn about campus resources.

Yunos Amireh

I’ve met new people and built friendships.

Tiffanie Henson

They work around my schedule.

Joshua Anton

Staff and faculty at NOVA have helped me with my ADHD.

Rodwell Catoe

My favorite aspect of teaching is when a student reaches an 'A-ha’ moment.

Lisa Hill

My favorite part about teaching at NOVA is the students.

Amy Jenkins

The lab practicals and state-of-the-art equipment enhance learning.

Chris Altice

Using my VA Benefits was easy.

Karima Ben-Ayed

Faculty motivate you beyond your limits.

Nessie Vanta

I’m getting a quality education.

Paula Worthington

Have a goal.

Raymond Bailey

The faculty here are outstanding.

Wilis Rodriguez

You’ll find your niche here.

Kimberly Armradit

When you start at NOVA, get involved.

Ryan Gale

I gained a lot of hands-on experience.

Beth Harrison

We give students possibilities.

Lucia Kane

I discovered there was a culinary program.

Patty Ottavio

It’s a great place to go to work.

Aaron Rawlings

Attending a community college is a smart financial move.

Sehrish Shah

I acquired valuable leadership skills.

Alana Thomas

I’ve matured and gained many skills that I can continue using in my life.

Chance Sizemore

I was able to use credits I earned during active duty.

Edward Creppy

I connect what I teach to what students may experience.

Karen Sheble

I have my students do a lot of collaborative work.

Phuong Huynh

I developed the ability to balance work and school.

Simone Almeida

I enjoy the hands-on experience from my clinical rotations.

Vineet Ahluwalia

As an international student, NOVA was my best option.

Beihua Yan

I also like the small class sizes at NOVA.

Emily Kollaja

I heard NOVA was affordable.

Jennifer Menelas

I chose NOVA because of the flexibility of the course options.

John Morgan

NOVA is more diverse than anything I’ve ever been around.

Laura Franklin

NOVA is a place where people consider the possibilities.

Samson Nugusse

The professors at NOVA provide an easy environment to learn.

William Kinsella

The emphasis here has always been on students and their success.

Andrew Young

I really enjoy when students feel deeply connected.

Fatima Hassanzadeh

I see myself as a journalist.

Julian Awari

It definitely fits my schedule.

Maria Claudia Diaz

I like the culture here.

Takako Shigehisa

NOVA is a great place to learn a language.