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Ebenezer Gyimah Sarpong

Ebenezer Gyimah Sarpong

I'm from Ghana, in West Africa. When I came to America my priority was looking for work. I got a job as a housekeeper in a nursing home. I worked there for about five months and then decided to focus on my education.

I talked with a couple of Ghanian friends who had been in the U.S. for a long time and they were taking classes at NOVA. I have been interested in working in a medical field since childhood. When I realized there was a Physical Therapist Assistant program at the Medical Education Campus, I thought, this is the time!

The instructors at NOVA are so supportive. Having such people around me has been one of the best experiences. Its great feeling that your professors are committed to what they’re doing.

Wherever you're from, whether you were born here or you're an immigrant, NOVA should be your first choice. Upon graduation, I want to work in the States a little and then return to Ghana and give back to my community.