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College Emergency Management & Planning Committee

The Emergency Management and Planning Committee is responsible for developing and recommending policies and procedures to the President, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer that meet regional, state, local and institutional needs and requirements for effective emergency plans and operations. The committee reviews campus safety policies and procedures consistent with applicable federal and state laws. The Campus Emergency Management Committees advise the College Emergency Management and Planning Committee to ensure policies and procedures are implemented and the appropriate feedback is received.

The committee is appointed annually by the president of the College.


Tony Bansal (CS), Chair
Brian Bales (MA)
Jessica Baxter (CS)
Donald Cole (AL)
Kathleen Deal (MEC)
Louis DeRamus (CS)
Daniel Dusseau (CS)
William Flagler (CS), Ex Officio, Exec Sec

Sam Hill (WO)
Connie Kirkland (CS)
Marleen McCabe (CS)
Steve Sachs (CS)
Cathy Simpson (CS)
Frederick Tittmann (CS)
Frances Villagran-Glover (AL)



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