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Building and Floor Wardens

NOVA has a Warden Program consisting of faculty and staff who assist with evacuation and coordination of people during emergencies. The Warden Program has a designated command structure for clear communication. State-of-the-art radios assist Wardens with communicating directly, so that emergency information is not delayed.

Wardens are appointed by the Provost of each campus and are trained through the Office of Emergency Management. In the event of an emergency situation, students, faculty and staff should follow directions from Wardens, who will be wearing orange safety vests.

Wardens serve as a valuable resource and contribute to the overall safety and emergency preparedness of the College community. Although they play an important role in the safe evacuation and coordination of people, Wardens are not expected to replace or act as first response emergency services personnel, or jeopardize their own personal safety at any time.

For information regarding the Warden Program, please contact the Office of Emergency Management at 703.764.5043 or email


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