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Building and Floor Wardens

Building Wardens are responsible for:

Reviewing and updating as necessary the emergency plan specific to his/her building. This plan will include decisions about where occupants will meet to assure that everyone has safely exited the building or where occupants can Shelter-in-Place safely. It will also include the responsibilities of Floor Wardens as well as designated persons who will substitute for the Building Warden and Floor Wardens during evening hours or when the Wardens are otherwise unavailable.

Training Floor Wardens and other key building personnel on evacuation and Shelter-in-Place procedures. Emergency drills should be scheduled each year during a time when Floor Wardens are available, at the least, during the beginning of a Semester.

Assuring that the building is clear of all occupants during an emergency evacuation or that everyone in the building has moved to the Shelter-in-Place area. The Building Warden will notify the Campus Emergency Response Coordinator or the Campus Police when the building evacuation is complete.

Floor Wardens are responsible for:

Assisting in the evacuation of his/her assigned floor.

Checking to assure that all occupants are safely out off the building floor or have reported to the Shelter-in-Place area.

Meeting with the Building Warden after the evacuation to inform him/her that the floor has been safely evacuated.

Assuring that no one reenters the building or leaves the safe shelter area before the all-clear signal is given. The Floor Wardens will also assist the campus police in keeping occupants at a safe distance during an evacuation.

Assuring that a substitute Floor Warden is chosen to act during the absence of the assigned Floor Warden.


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