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Telephone System Use

Telephone System Use and Abuse

The Virginia Department of Information Technology has advised that use of Commonwealth telephone facilities for purposes other than official business is considered telephone abuse and, in some instances, may constitute fraud. Telephone services are provided to College personnel on a demonstrated need basis and only in connection with official College business. The College administration may, at its discretion, restrict line access/features and institute disciplinary action against persons who abuse the established policies. The following advisories should be especially noted:

  • All personnel should safeguard against unauthorized use of College telephone lines (e.g., by students or unknown individuals).
  • Employees are responsible for keeping calls of a personal nature, whether outgoing or incoming, to a minimum.
  • Placement of personal long distance calls at College expense is prohibited. If urgent circumstances require an employee to place a personal long distance telephone call during work hours, the call must be made at the expense of the employee; it may not be charged to the College.

New Telephone Dialing Information

ALL campuses, intra- and inter-campus calls use 5-digit dialing:

  • AL 1+last four digits of listed number
  • AN 2+last four digits of listed number
  • LO 3+last four digits of listed number
  • MA 4+last four digits of listed number
  • WO 5+last four digits of listed number
  • ME 6+last four digits of listed number

Local Calls
Dial 9 – Area Code – seven-digit number

Intra-State Long Distance
Dial *60 – Area Code – seven-digit number

Interstate Long Distance
Dial 9 – 1 – Area Code – seven-digit number

College Telephone System

Instructions on using the College telephone system and advanced features can be found here.

Office Listings

NOVA office listings are also on the Departments/Offices page.

Staff Listings in the Online Web Directory

The directory listing faculty and staff is automatically processed from the Human Resources database. Employee additions, deletions, and other changes will be processed automatically. Corrections to the staff listings should be sent to the Human Resources Department e-mail box at

Telephone Repair

Call the IT Help Desk to report problems at 703.426.4141.


To register by phone, call:
703.330.3770 Prince William County
703.323.3770 all others

College Call Center