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Extended Learning Institute

The Extended Learning Institute (ELI) offers distance learning courses to students who prefer to study independently, who require a more flexible schedule for their academic work, or who seek to complete NOVA courses while residing outside the local area. Fifteen NOVA degrees/specializations and thirteen certificates can be earned at a distance, and courses are available in a wide variety of additional disciplines. See the distance learning Web site ( for a complete listing.

Most coursework may be completed at home, although some courses require some face-to-face participation. For each 3-credit course, plan to study at least 6-9 hours each week.  All ELI distance learning courses require regular Internet access. Some ELI courses are self-paced, while others have regular deadlines for course progress.  When taking an ELI course, you will have faculty and campus support when you need it. Faculty provide valuable assistance by telephone, e-mail, office visits, or through the mail. In many ELI courses, you interact with the instructor and other students via e-mail, voice mail, or the Internet. ELI has counselors and other support staff to assist you, and the NOVA campuses provide additional student services such as computer labs and in-person tutoring. Each course will include two or more proctored exams/assignments.  These exams should be taken on campus in one of the NOVA campus Testing Centers; for students who live outside the Northern Virginia area, ELI can generally approve a proctor so that you may take your exam at an educational institution or military base near you.

You may enroll in ELI distance learning courses the same way you enroll in on-campus courses, including NOVAConnect on-line and telephone registration. Many ELI courses have multiple sections starting throughout the semester. When course capacity limits are reached, ELI sections are closed to further enrollment. Advising for ELI courses is available from the ELI counselors. If you are a veteran and enroll in an ELI course, you will not be certified for benefits until you satisfactorily complete the course. If you are an international student, certain restrictions apply to how many ELI credits you may take in a given semester.

The Extended Learning Institute has no testing centers. ELI offices are located at 3922 Pender Drive in Fairfax, VA 22030-0967. It is conveniently located just off I-66, at the Route 50 Exit, Number 57A.

For information or assistance, see “Extended Learning Institute Course Requirements” in the Administrative Information section of this catalog or visit the Distance Learning Web site at You may write to the Extended Learning Institute, Northern Virginia Community College, 8333 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003-2796. You may also telephone 703.323.3368 or 703.323.3347.

Associate Vice President, eLearning Dr. Jennifer Lerner 703.323.3807
Director, Instructional Services Dr. William P. Davis 703.323.3511
Director, Statewide Delivery Dr. Inez Farrell 703.764.5036
Coordinator, Technology Development Susan Picard 703.323.4262
Financial Aid 703.764.5015
Librarian 703.764.5083
Registrar (ELI) Jayne Townend 703.323.3368
Testing 703.323.3347