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Alexandria Campus

3001 N. Beauregard Street
Alexandria, VA 22311-5097

Main Number: 703.323.3000

Provost Dr. Ronald Buchanan, Acting Provost AA287 703.845.6222
Cindy Smith, Executive Assistant AA287 703.933.8390
Academic Center for Excellence Vacant,  Coordinator AA229 703.845.6363
Bookstore Faye Amirrashed, Manager AT104 703.671.0043
Business Office Frederick Tittmann, Acting Manager AA187 703.845.6450
College-Wide Student Activities Brian Anweiler, Director AE213 703.845.6206
Marc Henderson, Coordinator AA287 703.933.8363
Community Relations Marc Henderson, Coordinator AA287 703.933.8363
Counseling Services Alice Hedley, Coordinator AA194 703.845.6471
Dean of Students Dr. Delores Scott AA195 703.845.6219
Division for Liberal Arts Dr. Jimmie McClellan, Dean AA252 703.845.6223
Division for Science, Technology, and Business Dr. Chad Knights, Acting Dean AA352 703.845.6225
Financial Aid Dora Espitia AA148 855.323.3199
Learning and Technology Resources Dr. Frances Villagran-Glover, Dean AA334D 703.845.6337
  Information Technology Services AA343 703.845.6048
  Instructional Support and Development AA343 703.933.8360
  Learning Laboratory AA332 703.845.6035
  Library AA232 703.845.6231
  Open Computer Center AA159 703.845.6041
  Testing Center AA332 703.845.6035
Off-Campus Military Programs Les Wright, Coordinator AA193 703.845.6124
Police/Public Safety Lt. John Weinstein, Police Commander District 3 AA239 703.764.5000
  Sgt. Chris Ovenden, Campus Police Supervisor AA240 703.764.5000
Schlesinger Concert Hall and Arts Center Dr. Leslie White,
AS102 703.845.6229
Student Activities Viridiana Acosta, Coordinator AA232 703.845.6218
Student Services Center Niki Neal, Registrar AA194 703.845.6330
Veterans Advisor Alicia Street AA193 703.933.1437