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Office of Institutional Research

The purpose of the Office of Institutional Research (OIR) is to conduct analytical studies and provide information in support of institutional planning, policy formulation and decision making. In addition, OIR provides leadership and support in research related activities to members of the NOVA community engaged in planning and evaluating the institution's success in accomplishing its mission.

Areas of Focus

  1. Data/Data Analysis
    OIR is the official source of NOVA’s institutional data and is responsible for ensuring data integrity. Read more.
  2. Research Studies
    OIR conducts research studies and publishes its findings in the form of research reports, research briefs, data reports, and fact sheets. Read more.
  3. Research Support
    The office provides research support to the faculty and staff and, in some instances, to students. Read more.
  4. Special Initiatives
    At the request of the college president and the administrative council, the office conducts special studies on an ongoing basis. Read more.
  5. Enrollment Planning
    OIR maintains the official enrollment data for the college, monitors enrollment trends, and provides campus enrollment targets for planning purposes.

Helpful Links

Fact Books & Sheets
Fact Books
Find student enrollment, graduates, personnel, finances & facilities, support services, and campus-specific data.

Research Briefs
Find research briefs on a variety of topics, including student success, retention, enrollment.

Research Reports

Research Reports
Find research reports by year, number and title on a variety of topics, including demographics, enrollment growth and future trends.


Student Profiles
Find college and campus general student information, including headcount, sex, race, age,  domicile, type, and credit hour load.

nova logo

Find reports on recent data, including enrollment management, transfer data, headcount & FTES, distance learning, and non-traditional students.


Graduate Information
Find results from the annual Graduate Survey, including employment, education goals, evaluation of academic instruction, services and facilities.


ATD Initiative
Find the Achieving the Dream culture of evidence to track student success