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Acquiring New PC Software

MPS purchases, receives, and maintains a license and registration file for all College-owned microcomputer software.

Use the PC Software Internal Request Form to request software. Send requests to purchase microcomputer software to MPS. Do not charge microcomputer software to your department's credit card and do not order through eVA. Call Patricia Pena at 703.323.3294 if you have any questions.

Free Software - BE CAREFUL!
Send requests to review click-on licenses for free software to Patricia Pena. Even free software may have license agreements which contain legal language which the College cannot agree to. Usually these are click-on agreements that require you to click Yes or No before you download the software. You are not authorized to click "YES" on a click-on agreement for software you are downloading to a college machine unless Patricia Pena has reviewed the agreement and said it is acceptable.

To Purchase Microcomputer Software:

  • Print the PC Software Internal Request Form and fill it in.
    • Include as much information as possible including type of computer the software will run on, new or duplicate copy, upgrade, site license for laboratory, etc.
    • Send requests for microcomputer software to Patricia Pena, Media Processing Services, AN, CT126. You may also fax the requests to 703.323.3831.
  • Media Processing Services
    • Eliminates duplicate purchases (of software already owned) unless requestor checks the additional-copies box on the form. If you are not sure, check the College-owned software list.
    • Orders, receives and ships software and copies of registrations and licenses to the requestor.
    • Maintains a College microcomputer software inventory list.
    • Notifies departments when software they own has been upgraded.