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NOVA Alert

Sign Up for NovaAlert on the website at

Choosing a Campus
Some who signed up to receive emergency messages through NovaAlert did not select a campus when they registered.  As a result, when we send out campus-specific alerts, they may not be notified!  

For Those Who Signed Up On the NovaAlert Website
You can check your registration and make sure your campus selection is correct by logging into NovaAlert at .  You can get alerts for more than one campus if you would like.  Use the HOME, DEVICES, and MY ALERTS tabs on the NovaAlert website to review and edit your information.  If you have trouble logging in, use the links to SEND USERNAME (email address) and/or SEND PASSWORD on the left of the NovaAlert login screen to get help.

For Those Who Signed Up By Texting The Keyword NOVA to 411911
Since you did not set up an email login when you registered with your cell phone, you could not choose a campus. As a result, you will receive closing information for all the campuses—even if it is of no interest to you.  I strongly encourage you to go to the NovaAlert website to update your information.  Your procedure will be a little different than the one described above.  From the NovaAlert website at, click on SEND PASSWORD on the left of the login screen.  When asked for the Email address you registered with NovaAlert, here is what you enter:  <your 10-digit cell phone number> @ <one of the following based on your cell company>   Example:  if your cell phone number is (123) 456-7890 and your company is Verizon, your NovaAlert email would be .

Virgin Mobile

If this does not work for you, click the SEND USERNAME link on the left of the NovaAlert login screen, it will be sent to your cell phone.  Then, you can use that login to request your password.   

After you have your password you can use the email address and password to login to NovaAlert.  Once you are logged in, be sure to change your email address to an actual email account, change your password, put in your last name, choose your campus preference, and check the other information to be sure it is correct.  You can always review and update your profile under the HOME, DEVICES, and MY ALERTS tabs on NovaAlert website.