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Mapping Network Drives (In Terminal Server)

1. Click on Start, then right-click My Computer, and then click Map Network Drive. You will see the dialog box below titled Map Network Drive.


2. As illustrated above, click on the down arrow next to Drive: and then select H:

3. In the Folder field, type in the following: \\nvcc-alfs01\<username>; for <username> type in your username, the same one that you use on your computer at work.

4. Make sure the Reconnect at logon is checked and then click Finish.

5. Usually your H: drive folder opens automatically; if it does not, you will find it listed with your other drives in My Computer.

6. To connect to your division folder (aka G: drive), repeat the steps, select G: as the Folder and then type in the following; \\nvcc-alfs01\<3-letter-division-name>

7. The division names are alphabetical order. For example, if you are in the Humanities Division, you would type in \\nvcc-alfs01\alhss.

  • albdv – Business Division
  • albus – Business Office
  • alceu – Continuing Education
  • alcns – Counseling
  • alhss – Humanities & Social Sciences
  • allab – Learning Labs
  • allib – Library
  • allrs – LRS
  • alpol – Campus Police
  • alpro – Provost Office
  • alsat – Science & Applied Technologies
  • alstd – Student Services Center
  • alvpa – Visual & Performing Arts