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Web Folder Access

NOVA faculty and staff are granted personal web pages if requested from the IT Help Desk.

*Adjunct faculty are not automatically assigned personal web space. Contact the IT Help Desk at to request personal web space. 

Personal Web Page
Faculty and staff web pages use the default web page address:

Saving Changes 
Save changes to your personal web folder using the following path: \\novaweb\home\UserID

1. What are the requirements for hosting a web page?
2. What restrictions are there?
3. How do I request a web page?
4. How do I edit the page from home?

1. What are the requirements for hosting a web page?
a. You must be an employee of NOVA. 
b. You must have an email address. 
c. You must have your own LAN User ID and Password. 
d. You must have access to a LAN connected Personal Computer, or your own account with an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

2. What restrictions are there? 
a. The web page must not violate any College Policy or applicable laws. 
b. The web page must have a clickable Electronic Mail address and Revision date. Preferably at the bottom of the page.

The following document defines website maintenance procedures, publishing guidelines and publishing policies.
NOVA World Wide Web Policy

3. How do I request a web page?
a. Request an email address with NOVA 
Complete form NVCC 105-45.

4. How do I edit the page from home?
Web pages can be created and edited using a web editor such as DreamweaverFrontpage, Notepad, etc. Once a website has been created, it must be sent or uploaded to the web folder. It can be sent to the web folder via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Composer (part of the SeaMonkey suite) is a free web editor. No knowledge of HTML is needed.Composer has a functional FTP capability that will transfer only html and image files to your NOVA web folder. To transfer files, such as music, movies, or presentations, you will need to download Core FTP.

Click here for more online tutorials.

Click on the link to go to the page with the FTP settings: 
FTP Settings