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Phone Setting Terms and Definitions

1. Phone Description: a combination of your first initial, last name, phone location, and external phone number

2. Voicemail Box: the voicemail account number used to access you voicemail messages over the phone.  This should normally match your phone extension.

3. If Busy (or No Answer) Forward to: the phone extension that callers are sent to if your extension is busy or no one answers.  Normally this is the following voicemail system number for your campus: Alexandria--16349; Annandale--29200; Loudoun--32506; Manassas--46500; Woodbridge--55800. (The Annandale number includes ELI, the Brault Annex, and College Staff.)

4. Calling Capability: the area that can be dialed from this phone.  Common settings are "In College", "Local", "Long Distance" and "International".  Larger calling areas include all smaller calling areas (for instance phones with "Long Distance" can also call "Local" and "In College" numbers).

5. Phone System User ID: The ID used to change phone settings via the web.  This should match your email address. 

6. Manager: the email address of your manager.  This setting allows your manager to view telephone reports for all their employees.

7. Dept. Phone Number: the extension of your department's main extension.  Used to set up group features common to a department.

8. Call Pick up Group: The number used to pick up ringing calls on another phone in your department.  Normally the last two digits match the last two digits of your department's main extension.