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Meet-Me Conferencing

All Meet-Me conferences must be initiated inside the College network on a college IP phone.

You may connect up to 15 individuals in a conference call by establishing a conference number for each participant dial.

Create the number as follows:

1. The first is your campus number...

1 = Alexandria
2 = Annandale and Fairfax
3 = Loudoun
4 = Manassas
5 = Woodbridge
6 = Medical Education

2. The next two digits are 19. The last two digits can be any two numbers you like. Make sure the participants know the number you created.

3. When you are ready to start the conference call: Pick up your phone or push the speaker phone button for a dial tone. Push MORE until you get MEETME at the bottom. Push MEETME. It will ask for the number and then enter the 5-digit number you created. Have the attendees call 703.323.2000, enter 1 for Meet-Me and enter the 5-digit conference number you have set up (if they are inside the College, they can just dial the 5-digits directly instead of the full long phone number 703.323.2000).

NOTE: There must be at least one participant on the conference call. If the last person on the conference call hangs up, the conference call will be terminated.