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Conference Calls

There are three ways to use our new phone system for conference calls. You can refer to them as "dial-out" conferencing, "call-in" conferencing, and "Meet Me" conferencing.

In dial-out conferencing you can connect up to 4 individuals in a conference call by dialing them yourself and then pushing MORE until you see CONF at the bottom of the screen. Push CONF and you connect that person to the conference call. You can then dial the next individual. This same process works if you are talking to someone and decide that you need to conference with one or more additional individuals. Push MORE, then push CONF and then you can dial the next person. Remember that the limit is 4 callers.

In call-in conferencing you can connect up to 10 individuals in a conference call by having them call you (or a designated individual). That person pushes MORE until CONF appears at the bottom of the screen. When CONF is pushed, the person is added to the CONF. However, a better way to do this is with a MEET ME conference. The difference between a dial-out and call-in conference is who originates the call. In dial-out you are calling them. In call-in, they are calling you.

Meet Me conferencing is the most flexible. You can also connect up to 10 individuals in a conference call. The first step is to establish a conference call number that each individual must dial or be transferred to. You create the conference call number as follows: the first digit is your campus number (1 for AL, 2 for AN, etc.). The next two digits are always 19. The last two digits can be any number you like. Make sure the participants know the number you created. When you are ready for the conference, do the following. Pick up your phone or push speaker to get a dial tone. Push MORE until you get MEET ME at the bottom of the screen. Push MEET ME. It will ask for a number. Enter the five digit conference number you created. As each person dials the number from inside the college, they will be connected to the conference call. If someone calls in from outside the college, the call can be transferred to the 5 digit conference number just as if it were any other college phone number. If one of your participants from inside the college did not get the conference call number in advance (or forgot the number), and they call you on your regular number for help after the conference has started, you can add them to the conference easily. Push ANSWER to take their call. Push MORE until CONF appears at the bottom of the screen. Push CONF again when appears a second time. Both of you should be back in the MEET ME conference call. The two things to remember about a MEET ME conference call are (1) that it is limited to 10 participants; and (2) the five digit conference call number works just like any other college phone number so you can transfer callers to it even if they do not dial it directly.

For more help with conference calling, contact the IT Help Desk.